Smart Ant BMS 7S ~ 16S 100A ANT Lifepo4 li-ion Lipo LTO with Balancer – 7-16S, 40A


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Versi terbaru : Non LCD
Untuk Apps masih dalam proses penyempurnaan, ada beberapa fitur yg belum muncul di Apps ( temperature, watt meter fluctuated ), namun tidak mempengaruhi fungsi
17S hingga 24S 50A : BMS arus debit kontinu 50A, debit puncak 70A,
17S sampai 24S 100A: BMS debit terus menerus saat ini 100A,
7S hingga 16S 40A: BMS arus debit kontinu 40A, debit puncak 60A,
7S sampai 16S 80A: arus debit kontinu BMS 80A, debit puncak 150A,
7S sampai 16S 320A: arus debit kontinu BMS 120A, debit puncak 320A,

Product introduction:
Charging current: 50A
Banlance current: 100MA
Wiring method: same port
Size: length 14CM width 7CM thickness 1.7CM
Single cell voltage: detection range 1V-4.6V, accuracy less than 5Mv
Overcharged and paid: protected
Short circuit protection: short circuit protection current can be set
Bluetooth connection: for Android android hand sail
Applicable battery:
7S to -16S version :
7-16S Li-ion Battery; 8-16SLifepo4 Battery;8-16S Titanium LTO lithium
8S to 20S version : 8S to 20S Li-ion Battery; 8S to 20S Lifepo4 Battery; 8S to 20S LTO Battery

Coulomb counter: accurate calculation based on current versus time
Battery remaining capacity, error range is less than 5%
Power consumption: 3MA at work
1.5MA during standby

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg

7-16S, 17-24S, 8S-20S


40A, 50A, 80A, 100A, 300A, 320A, 400A


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